4 Ways to Tell If Your Site is Mobile-Friendly the Way Google Likes It

Google says a website is mobile-friendly if:

  1. It avoids Flash and other software that doesn’t play well with mobile devices.
  2. It sizes the screen to fit the device (and nixes horizontal scrolling).
  3. It has readable text that doesn’t need to be zoomed.
  4. It’s thumb-friendly (i.e. links, buttons, and fill-in forms are easily clickable with thumbs and fingers).

If your site is built the way Google likes it, you might improve your rankings in the searches because your site will be fast, have good title tags and good right-sized text.

How One Innkeeper Went to Page 1 From Page 2 on Google

Being mobile-friendly is a minimum requirement these days, but it can make a difference! Recently one of our mobile-friendly websites went from page two on Google to page one and then to the very top of page one. There are 12 other inns in this competitive inn town, so it is a great example of what a newly crafted mobile-friendly site can do for you. We never promise this will happen when we build a new website, but sometimes it does! In our office, some believe it’s the title tags, others the sleek back-end programming and others the fast loading time. Since we provide all 3 plus all the other best practices in building lodging websites, it could be all of it together.

New Research on Mobile-Friendly Lodging Websites

If an inn’s booking experience isn’t mobile-friendly, the reality is, travelers won’t book. That’s because more and more guests use their smart phones to book.

Last month when i spent a lot of time with the younger generation, I noticed in spite of many computers in the room, they used their phones for everything – to fact find, to learn skills, to play and to purchase.

That’s why travel industry studies recommend, “Take a mobile first approach.” According to Statistics Brain: 65% of same day hotel reservations are made from a smart phone. With so many bookers doing so on mobile, if you don’t give a mobile-friendly experience to your potential guests, like Semiahmoo Resort, you’re losing travelers and conversions. In fact, according to Skift Research, by 2020 the travel industry will have the highest percentage of online payments in relation to all sales than any other industry on Earth.

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