How much does a new website cost?

Depending on the complexity of the site, number of pages and customization requested, sites can run from $1950 to $10,000+

The best way to get an estimate is to fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at 949-481-7276 to answer a couple of questions and to explore your options.

How many pages does a new website have?

Each site is custom built and can be a very basic one page, scrolling site OR an average 20 page site for a small business. We have built very complex, 500+ page sites with complex designs and functionality requirements. It all depends on the business and the needs of that business. There is no one size fits all model.

How long does it take to build a new website?

Websites typically take 6-8 weeks to be built but that number can dramatically change based on the size of the site, the number of creative changes requested and on the client’s participation in the process. Building a new website is very interactive and requires feedback from the client every step of the way. If change requests, content and assets are provided in a timely manner, then 6-8 weeks is the normal turnaround time. There can also be fluctuations based on programmer availability. A quote is given at the beginning of each project.

Are your hotel websites ADA Compliant?

All of our websites are built using the most current ADA Guidelines. They are diagnostically tested before release to ensure that the guidelines are met at the time of release. We strongly recommend testing your site at least annually to make adjustments for any changes you may have made or that the ADA has made. Technology changes all the time. Staying on top of the guidelines is an ongoing process – not a one time thing.

Are your bed and breakfast websites responsive? Can they be seen on all devices?

All websites are built using responsive technology and adjust to the device they are being viewed on. Whether your site is being viewed on a desktop or laptop computer, an iPad or tablet or an iPhone or Android phone, your website will display beautifully.

Do you use templates?

We build all our websites in WordPress but steer away from templates. We use sophisticated WordPress development tools that allow us to customize every site so that the client gets exactly what they want.

What platform are your boutique websites built on?

We build our websites on the most current version of WordPress.

What do you charge for hosting a lodging website?

We do not host websites. However, we do make recommendations of affordable, cloud based platforms that have performed well for us and our clients. Ask about that at the time of inquiry.

Can we choose our own host/server?

Yes. You may use any hosting company you choose. However, they must have servers capable of handling a WordPress website. We strongly recommend that you go with national players that can keep up with the constant, never-ending technology changes, Google requirements, and industry standards. Often, small local hosting companies just can’t perform at the same level as the larger, well-funded host providers. Ask for recommendations.

Can we update our own websites and make changes?

Yes. You have complete access to your website and can make any changes or updates that you like. However, we recommend that you stick with basic content updates and let the professional programmers and designers handle the more challenging updates. Remember, in today’s environment, you are constantly thinking about software versions, updates, plugins, SEO and ADA when making changes. You also have to consider how these changes look on desktop vs. mobile etc. Let the pros do what they do best.

Do you offer training on how to make updates?

Yes. With every new website, we provide one hour of free WordPress training on how to make basic content changes.

Who maintains our boutique hotel website & makes sure it is current?

You will have an annual website maintenance agreement with Pillow Chocolate. We can make any updates, changes, plugin updates or software modifications you need. In addition, we are available for any challenges you may run across with your website, hosting and/or email.

How do I get changes made on my site?

You can simply send an email or give us a call with any change requests. Typically, those are handled within 24 hours.

What is included in Basic SEO?

When we build a new site, we take care of all basic SEO. This includes:

  • Key word identification
  • Title Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Page Headers
  • Meta Tags
  • Schema Code on address, location and business type on all pages
  • Filing Site Map with Google

What other services do you offer?

Pillow Chocolate is a full service, digital marketing firm. We provide a full range of services for our clients which include:

  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • Customized email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Logo design
  • WordPress Training
  • Web maintenance for sites NOT built by Pillow Chocolate

Can I get bundled pricing if I purchase more than one service?

Absolutely! The more products you purchase at one time, the better the pricing is. Call today for a quote. 949-481-7276 x108

Do I own my website?

Yes. You own all rights to the website we build for you. You may host it anywhere, make any changes or edits, etc.

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