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Get Fast & Furious Fixes For Your Website in 24-48 Hours

We’ve been Fixing Innkeepers Websites like mad lately because this is what many innkeepers need right now.

Diane, you are my webmaster doctor! “ 

Kelly, Wisconsin inn

  1. Website Emergencies Like Hacking –Last week an innkeeper called to tell us their site had been hacked. We handed it over to the development team for them to UN-Hack. Here’s the team report back to us on what they had to do to Fix it. (38 Steps!)

P.S. It took under 48 hours to get it back to the innkeeper – all cleaned up and with a bow on top.

“I called you guys to fix these things (below) on my website. Thanks for getting this done in 4 hours!!!!”

  • Broken Links
  • Pages that returned a 4XX status code upon request
  • Images with no ALT text
  • Pages with no meta description tag
  • Missing unique meta description
  • Having a title tag that is too long

Please Add My New Covid Policies -“Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly – now I can go on to the next part. Great job!” California innkeeper

The 10-Hour Fix-it Program costs $750 and next to building new websites has turned out to be what innkeepers want the most. We are giving you added value from now till July 4th – a complementary Pop Up AT NO EXTRA COST to you.

You can use a Pop Up on your home page to solve a lot of problems: Use it to add new Covid standards, specials you are promoting, Book Now deals.

If you don’t need 10 hours – hourly rates are available instead.


3 Kinds of Search-Friendly Content To Improve Your Website’s SEO

1. Written Word – Word content drives most search results. A well-written article or web page is one of the best ways to build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business. “Any part of the page that directly helps the page achieve its purpose” is called “main content”. That can be text, photo, video, and user-generated content such as having a spot for guests to leave reviews directly on your site. Google wants “highly skilled” writing. Google turn-offs include punctuation errors, poor quality writing, failing to cite sources, etc.

2. Visual content – Photos help tell your story. The alt text you put on the photo shows Google if the photo relates to the text on the page. Your photos need descriptive alt texts and must fit the screen or the SEO value can be negative. (Mobile sites sometimes have a problem with this.) Google says something we all believe – that a picture is worth a thousand words. And we all know the emotional value of a photo.

3. Video content – Videos can also count as the main content, and they’re great for augmenting written text. For bed and breakfasts, the best kind of video explains things or are how-to guides, offer behind-the-scenes stories, cooking how-tos, local scenery and restaurants.

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10-100 Things We Can Fix

Some websites can be Updated with new colors/fonts/photos and better SEO. When we audit a site there are often many unexpected issues that explain why many websites are lower on Google searches than they should be.

Here Are 10 Common Things We Fix On Inn Websites

  1. Make the Website Load Super Fast – Slow loading has a negative impact on a site’s search ranking – problems include large images that slow page speed. They can easily be compressed and still show up large.
  2. Test for ADA compliance, make sure to have a policy statement on your site.
  3. Add Calls to Action – CTA – Book Now buttons, etc.
  4. Add a Blog – make it easy to get fresh content on your site.
  5. Add social media accounts and make links on your website so they connect to social media
  6. Collect email addresses on your site. They are marketing gold for email.
  7. Update text that is out of date
  8. Change out photos
  9. Add Covid messages – how you are handling the Covid Virus.
  10. Add Up-to-Date Rave Reviews, any awards, or good press to build confidence for potential guests

These and 100 other problems are FIXABLE.

“Good morning, Diane! Wow! I LOVE INNS! You and your team really are FANTASTIC and I am singing your praises to all my colleagues!” 

Mariana, owner NY inn.

“We shopped around all the major inn web developers and discovered your services are the most cost effective by far.”

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What We Heard This Week

Every Single Person Said Yes to I Love Inns Website Work – “The reason I chose I Love Inns for our new website was because every single person I spoke with said they’d work with you again in a heartbeat.”  Americus Garden Inn, Susan, owner

Getting Us Onto the Fast Track – “You are the task master! Thanks for helping us move forward.” Kent, Business Development Manager (Working on an innkeeper’s other business in e commerce.) NJ

Big Fans – “I REALLY appreciated your sympathetic and concerned ear earlier- We are such big fans of yours.” Penn. innkeeper

“Please make a special COVID section on my website and add a permanent button on my navigation bar.”

I Need A Newsletter FAST – “We need a special newsletter to let our guest list know that the inn is now for sales. We’ll include videos, etc.” Northeast Inn

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Now Is Not the Time To Be Invisible

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    From our Satisfied Clients…

    God I love you! – Do you treat everyone like this or do you just feel sorry for me?”
    Penn, Innkeeper
    Wish I Would Have Done This Years Ago - “We worked together so well and made my website reflect the image I hoped for. I wish I had done this years earlier!”
    Getting Many Reservations - “I don't know if it is Covid or my brand new website but I'm getting so many reservations. Thank you. You are the best!”
    Kathy, owner