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Increase Website Conversion By Keeping Visitors On Your Site Longer

7 Ways to Increase Time Spent On Your Website

Experts claim that the simple items below can increase the average time on your site as much as 3 to 5 minutes.

  1. Short Paragraphs, sub-headings and lists
  2. Short Videos – (people love videos & get more engaged)
  3. Special Offers
  4. More High Quality Images
  5. Optimize Images for Speed
  6. Have Exit Intent Pop-ups 
  7. Internal Linking within the Pages of Your Site
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Things We Can Fix On Your Website to Keep Site Visitors Longer

Some things can make an amazing difference. We worked on a client’s website last month (a photographer) and fixed one phrase on their home page and they went from showing up on the second page on Google to ranking on the 3-Pack on the First Page.

*Set Links to Open in a New Window

One of the easiest tweaks you can make to improve time on page is to avoid losing readers every time they click through on a link. That’s why Angela Ash of Flow SEO recommends setting all links—even internal links—  to open in a new tab.“That way,” even if the reader is drawn away for a few minutes to another page, they will ultimately return back to the original post, because the initial window will still be open.”

*Vary Your Content and Format

“One effective tactic for improving average time on page for blog posts is to include a mix of content within the posts,” said Andrew Becks of 301 Digital Media. “Rather than just focusing on flat article content, mixing in relevant photos, info graphics, charts, and interactive elements can help drive a deeper level of user engagement and time on page, by transforming what would be normal content into an engaging experience that offers information and utility to your readers.”

Slow Loading

One of the easiest ways to lose a website visitor is for them to not even see your website in the first place.Get an audit to see if your site loads in under 3 seconds.

*Conduct Your Own Usability Test

Ask some friends not involved with your website to try deciding on a room or look for rates for a specific day. See if everything flows logically and they don’t get stuck. 


Emotional design increases user engagement – a beautifully designed website pulls its weight and produces results.

3 of These Fixes are doable for some innkeepers. We’ve added asterisks to those you might consider working on yourself.

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    God I love you! – Do you treat everyone like this or do you just feel sorry for me?”
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