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The Wild & Crazy Blogging Experiment

In this week’s staff meeting, we heard about a crazy SEO experiment.

A business receiving 2000-3,000 visitor sessions a day, decided to see if they could increase their website visitors and thereby increase business by blogging more often.

So they decided to add 1000 blogs to their website in one year.

In 2022 they posted 997 blogs – almost 3 a day (878 new blogs plus 119 updated blogs)..

Here’s what happened –they grew to 16,000 to 22,000 visitor sessionsa day.

Their business increased by 10 times. (A privately owned single software business.)

Action item for innkeepers?Meet with your staff and start brainstorming topics. Come up with 25 topics, then 50, then 100. Keep a running list of topics.

Then design a way to make it happen. At least once or twice a month. Work up to one a week and see what happens!

Blog it and Forget It

Blog it and Forget It

Our writer can set you up for the whole year by writing seasonal, holiday, and Things to Do blogs.

It will boost your SEO, and give you custom-written content for a virtual library that also can be used on Facebook and in your newsletters for even more clicks.

Blogging Packages Announced

  • 750-word posts (12)$1800
  • 1000-word posts (12)$2400
  • 1500-word posts (12)$3600

More Options

  • 750-word posts (6) for $1200
  • 1000-word posts (6) for $1500(6)
  • 1500-word posts (6) for $2100

One-Time Special:750-word blog posts (6) for $599

Build Itineraries for Your Spring Blogs

Build Itineraries for Your Spring Blogs

Create 2, 3, 5 Day Itinerariesand your readers will imagine themselves at your inn. The itineraries will entice longer stays.

  1. Scour your local news for garden events, blooming times, and charity house tours.
  2. List and label local scenic drives – or create your own
  3. Find stunning photos of the birds, blooms, and trees in your area
  4. Waterfalls are at their best in Spring so make a list of them and include a great photo.
  5. Visit your visitor’s bureau and check out any special events, and new restaurants
  6. Create a Big Birthday Itinerary including new restaurants, theater, special picnics, a photo session, etc.
  7. FreeThings Itinerary can include free museums, walks through a scenic park, an almost free picnic lunch, a free evening dessert, a low-cost event, or a free event.
  8. Your Dog’s Spring Break – walks, restaurants, maybe a grooming package

See these different styles of posting your itinerary

April in Santa Barbara

Best Dog-Friendly Spots in Big Bear– Good example from a cabin property.

How Can You Keep Your Website High

How Can You Keep Your Website High On Search Engines With a Limited Budget?

How Can You Keep Your Website High On Search Engines With a Limited Budget?

First, consider our new Maintenance Plan designed specifically for small inns.

  1. The first course of action for Search Engine Optimization is to see if the basics and the back-end programming were done correctly.
  2. Then we check more SEO items you need – title tags, meta descriptions, site maps, indexing, etc.Here are 41 items for good SEO.
  3. Then every month for a monthly fee we do something important to keep your site in good shape. By the end of the year, your website can become a beautiful workhorse that will power your business.
  4. Blogging is SEO – one expert believes good blogging is SEO in 2023.

Little by little your website starts getting noticed by Google!

Tell Me More About Your Website Maintenance Plan

Explore Georgia

Blog About Wellness

  1. Hiking
  2. Nature walks
  3. Kayaking or canoeing
  4. Surfing or stand-up paddle boarding
  5. Rock climbing or bouldering
  6. Bird watching
  7. Wildlife spotting
  8. Photography
  9. Fishing
  10. Gardening
  11. Horseback riding
  12. Mountain biking
  13. Nature journaling or sketching

Consider working with these kinds of wellness businesses around you and write about them.

  1. Yoga or Pilates
  2. Tai Chi
  3. Meditation classes
  4. Sound healing
  5. Reiki or energy healing
  6. Massage therapy
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Hydrotherapy
  9. Infrared sauna
  10. Epsom salt baths
  11. Aromatherapy
  12. Nature therapy or ecotherapy
  13. Art therapy
  14. Dance therapy
  15. Equine therapy

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