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Website Design Services

With an international team of web designers, writers, researchers, programmers and artists, we are able to build a custom website that meets the needs and wants of our customers. Each website is custom designed to meet the clients specific needs. Everything from color, fonts, layout and navigation are carefully thought out and discussed with every client. We are here to advise and recommend. We build a sound technology foundation for your new website BUT design it with the customer’s desires front and center. A website is YOUR calling card. It should reflect your business, your personality and your mission.

Too often we hear that web designers “don’t listen”. “They did what they wanted to do and I hate the final product”. At Pillow Chocolate, our customer is in the driver’s seat. You take the wheel and direct our team of experts so we get you and your business headed in the right direction. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and take care of the backend so your website works smoothly and gets you the results you want. Our approach is simple:

Working With Pillow Chocolate Websites

First, you’ll be assigned to an account manager who will be able to manage all facets of your marketing plan. He or she will guide you through the different products & services we offer, how they work and what they cost.

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It starts with a consultation. There is no cost or obligation when you talk to us about your project. We’ll fill out a short project planner form during our conversation to get started. We’ll both be asking questions about what we do and what you are looking for us to do.

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We’ll do some brainstorming after the consultation and provide you with a written proposal. It will outline the components of the project and have solutions/suggestions for the things we talked about. It will also include price, timeline, and will have our contract’s terms and conditions attached.

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Design Phase

When you sign off on the proposal and agree to the terms and conditions, we’ll start working on “the look and feel” of your project (s). We will work on these until you’re satisfied with the way the website looks, navigates and performs. Whether it is a new website, customized newsletters, logo design, or social media, we’ll be sure we have coordinated all phases to meet with the parameters we laid out in the proposal and finally, our contract. The best news is that you are working one-on-one with the same person from start to finish. We don’t hand you off to different teams or departments – that can waste a lot of time and interrupt a great creative working relationship.

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So, you’ve approved the website design and we’ve modified it until you’re ecstatic. Now, it’s time to do all the final quality control, SEO work and ADA Compliance work on the site. Once done, we migrate the site to the host of your choice and the project is completed.

If you are ready to talk with us about a partnership, just give us a call: 949-481-7276 or send email to concierge@iloveinns.

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