Write a Great Blog And Supercharge Your Marketing

For over 20 years, we’ve been sharing marketing tips with innkeepers. But this simple strategy has to be one of the most powerful – using your blog content to improve SEO, engage on social media, and drive direct bookings. It’s a marketing trifecta that can significantly boost your bottom line.

As one California innkeeper commented, “These blog posts are amazing. You know more about my area than I do!”

The Power of Repurposing Blog Content

Most innkeepers understand that blogging captures search engine attention and keeps guests engaged on your website longer. But did you know you can easily repurpose that same content to fuel your email marketing and social media efforts? Well-written blog posts can be efficiently recycled into:

Email Newsletters Engaging readers with insider local knowledge, special packages, and a personal brand voice. Inns with an active email marketing strategy generate 38x more revenue than those who don’t some techies say.

Social Media Posts Sharing snippets and images from blogs on Facebook, in newsletters and on Instagram, Inns effective at social media marketing have 62% more bookings.[2]

The value? Leveraging one piece of content across three key channels maximizes your marketing reach and impact:

1. Blogs make guests excited to visit by providing a captivating local perspective
2. Email newsletters drive revenue – generating $36 for every $1 spent on average
3. Social media boosts brand awareness and bookings while connecting you with guests

It’s a simple content repurposing strategy, but the compounding results are powerful for independent properties looking to compete online.

You Need to Start Blogging to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Beyond the content repurposing benefits, blogging remains one of the most effective tactics for improving your website’s SEO and search visibility. Here’s why:

Search engines reward websites with fresh, value-added content that consistently add new, high-quality content relevant to what users are searching for. A blog provides a steady stream of fresh content to get indexed and ranked.

HubSpot, https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/blogging-frequency-benchmarks  recommends that you publish 2-4  blog posts per month.

Enriched Keyword Targeting Each blog post is an opportunity to naturally incorporate location-based, long-tail keywords that potential guests are searching for like “weekend getaways in [your town],” “[your area] hiking trails,” etc.

Local Optimization Signals Writing about local events, attractions, insider travel tips, and more sends relevance signals that boost your local search rankings. This visibility is critical for attracting guests researching your destination.

More Indexed Pages & External Links Each published post creates a new indexable page on your site, giving search engines extra content to rank. Posts that get linked to and shared also help build authority.

Improved User Engagement Metrics If your local area content keeps visitors engaged, it can decrease bounce rates and increase dwell times – signals that get factored into Google’s rankings.

The data backs this up. Sites with an active blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links on average.

Vacation with Your Pet

Blog Topic – Vacation with Your Pet

Produce High-Performing Local Content With These Tips

To maximize the SEO boost and guest engagement from your blog, you need a consistent stream of relevant, high-quality local content. Some proven approaches include:

Area Guides & Roundups “Top 10 Things to Do in [Your Town],” “Best Kid-Friendly Activities,” “Can’t-Miss Summer Events,” etc. These listicles cover top draws and make great evergreen posts.

Insider Travel Tips & Itineraries Share insider recommendations only locals would know – hidden gems, self-guided tours, underrated attractions, etc. These differentiate you as a destination expert.

Spotlight Local Businesses Interview local artisans, chefs, brewers, shop owners etc. Everyone loves discovering new hot spots and these posts are highly shareable.

In-Depth Guides & How-Tos Get granular with hiking trail breakdowns, DIY craft ideas, local recipes, and more. These skyscraper-style posts provide encyclopedic value.

Current Events & News Keep a pulse on upcoming concerts, exhibits, festivals and highlight them on your blog with insider POVs. Establishes your inn as a local tastemaker.

Behind-the-Scenes Storytelling Share the personal stories, history, ethos and amenities that make your property one-of-a-kind. This helps forge personal connections with potential guests.

According to OmniCore Agency’s research, the top three types of content that drive the most bookings for hotels are blogs & articles, videos, and visuals/graphics. A consistent cadence of diverse, insight-driven local content checks all those boxes.

Getting More Value From Your Blog

Amplify your blog’s value by repurposing snippets and visuals across other digital marketing channels:

Email Campaigns Use compelling sections or travel tips from your blog posts to create engaging email newsletters each month. Include relevant call-to-actions to drive direct bookings or package sales.

Social Sharing Share attractive photos, headlines, quotes or video clips from your blog content across Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Make sure posts link back to the full blog URL.

Content Collaborations Working with local partners like tour companies, restaurants or tourism boards? Pitch co-marketing collaborations by repurposing and cross-sharing relevant blog content.

Video Content Breathe new life into evergreen posts by filming video versions to share on YouTube, social media, and even ad campaigns promoting your area’s top attractions.

With some creative thinking and an editorial calendar, your blog can fuel an entire cross-channel content marketing strategy attracting new guests.

In today’s crowded hospitality landscape, a strategic inn blogging program centered around providing authentic, helpful local expertise can help you:

  • Appear higher in search rankings for location-based terms
  • Build brand awareness and trust with immersive destination storytelling
  • Showcase your unique identity through personal staff perspectives
  • Stay top-of-mind with engaging, shareable social content
  • Turn website visitors into subscribers, fans, and ultimately, guests

So whether you tackle your inn’s blog yourself or outsource to PillowChocolate start leveraging the power of quality content marketing to energize your SEO, social reach, and revenue simultaneously.

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