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On Site Search Engine Optimization

A website can look beautiful and have the greatest photos, colors, layout and design. However, if you look behind the scenes at the engine driving your website, there are certain items and structures that must be in place for the website to perform. When we build a website, we make sure your engine does it’s job and gets you found on Google Searches. Some of the basic items handled on every new site we build includes:

Identify keywords for your property and ensure they are used throughout the site

Title Tags
ALT Tags on all images
Photos are optimized and compressed for speed
Meta tags are written for every page.
Page headers on every page include keywords and have a H1 Tag
The address is encapsulated in schema code
All SEO plugins are in place on WordPress sites
Creation of internal links on your site
A site map is filed with Google
All pages from your old site are redirected to your new site
The site is tested for page load speed and is adjusted for maximum performance.

If you have an existing website and you are wondering why it isn’t performing for you, these could be the reasons why. Ask us for a FREE website evaluation and we can check to be sure your “engine” is fine tuned and running properly.

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From our Satisfied Clients…

Fans - I REALLY appreciated your sympathetic and concerned ear earlier- We are such big fans of yours.”
Penn, innkeeper
Everyone Said They Would Work With You Again - The reason I chose I Love Inns for our new website was because every single person I spoke with said they'd work with you again in a heartbeat.”
Susan, owner Americus Garden Inn
Building Website Was a Pleasure & Delight - Thanks! You guys really are the best! I can tell you that this daunting process has been such a pleasure and delight because of you, your team, and I LOVE INNS.”
Marianna NY Inn