you've been hacked

Last week an innkeeper called to tell us their site had been hacked. We handed it over to the development team for them to UN-Hack.  Here’s the team report back to us on what they had to do to Fix it.

P.S. It took under 48 hours to get it back to the innkeeper – all cleaned up and with a bow on top.


  • Checked the site, but it only redirects to a suspicious site
  • Try to access admin dashboard, but redirection persisted
  • Access cpanel and backup database and files
  • Remove malicious files
  • Manually update wordpress core files
  • Update plugins to its latest version
  • Disable cache
  • Update PHP
  • Run wordfence scan
  • Check sucure sitecheck and check for malwares
  • Remove unused themes and plugins
  • Update Divi theme, but error occurs
  • Revert to back theme and install default Twenty Twenty theme
  • Remove injected JS files:
  • Check homepage, redirect has been removed. Malwares is coming from child theme
  • Replace child theme, but the layout seems to be broken
  • Revert child theme, but upon troubleshooting site error appear
  • Check previous layout of the site on web archive
  • Get old child theme from old devsite
  • Check the site, site now is up and running and the layout is fixed
  • Reset permalinks
  • Re-add footer, but error occured
  • Reinstall fresh wordpress and create new database
  • Import database to the new database
  • Reinstall plugins and themes
  • Readd upload folder
  • Reset permalinks
  • Fix Recaptcha on footer form
  • Fix mixed contents
  • Revert the style of the banner section.
  • Fix the style of some elements.
  • Add and style the footer section properly.
  • Double-check style on each section.
  • Fix the issue on the currency converter.
  • Find a solution on how to display the currency converter.
  • Add the Currency converter widget.
  • Add the generated shortcode to the page.
  • Check the page if the changes applied correctly.

TOTAL HOURS CONSUMED: 6 hrs and 30 mins

If you need UN-Hacking contact ILoveInns – 949 292-6235

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    God I love you! – Do you treat everyone like this or do you just feel sorry for me?”
    Penn, Innkeeper
    Wish I Would Have Done This Years Ago - “We worked together so well and made my website reflect the image I hoped for. I wish I had done this years earlier!”
    Getting Many Reservations - “I don't know if it is Covid or my brand new website but I'm getting so many reservations. Thank you. You are the best!”
    Kathy, owner